ENNAS is a company established in 2006, we are delighted to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer and trader of resin crafts. With our brand ENNAS, we have gained a solid reputation in the European and American markets. Currently, we are seeking worldwide distributors to collaborate with us in selling our exceptional products.


As our distributor, you will enjoy the following advantages and opportunities:


1. High-Quality Products: ENNAS products are renowned for their outstanding quality and craftsmanship. We will provide you with a curated selection of meticulously designed resin crafts that cater to various consumer preferences and demands.

2. Diverse Product Line: Our product line encompasses multiple series and styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, religious to seasonal themes, and various creative inspirations. You will have the flexibility to choose products that resonate with your local consumers' preferences and market trends.

3. Globally Recognized Brand: ENNAS has established a strong reputation and brand recognition in the European and American markets. Partnering with our well-known brand will instill confidence and give you a competitive edge to stand out in the market.

4. Marketing Support: As our valued partner, you will receive comprehensive marketing support. We will collaborate with you to develop effective marketing strategies and provide promotional materials, display samples, and advertising assistance to enhance your sales performance.

5. Supply Chain and Logistics Support: With our robust supply chain and logistics systems, we ensure timely delivery and efficient order processing. You will benefit from our streamlined supply chain management, enabling you to meet your customers' demands promptly.


We cordially invite experienced, passionate, and dedicated partners to join ENNAS' global distribution network. If you are interested in becoming our distributor, please contact us at your earliest convenience, and we will provide you with further information and discuss the possibilities of collaboration.

We look forward to forging a successful partnership with you.


Based on a self-owned factory, products, technology, and management system, ENNAS manufacturers have formed a complete supplier system, and created a one-stop supplying platform, with over 100 dealers at home and abroad.


Tel: +86-0595-22561922


Adress: Floor 2, Building #1, Jindi Culture Square, Jinhuai Road, Fengze District, QuanZhou, China, 362000

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